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Another year and your child still can’t read?

Are you worried because your child is now in a new school year and still performs well below the level of their classmates in reading ability? I occasionally meet teachers who struggle to teach some of their children to read but insist on doing ‘more of the same’ which hasn’t worked. They refuse to try a new method, even if it is easy to administer, and this wastes precious time that demoralises the child.

Some years ago, as a ‘supply’ teacher I was given a new class of Reception children to teach for one term.

I started teaching them as I had always taught my reception classes for the previous twenty years – they learned 12 words at sight, then I gave them a book containing only those 12 words – which, of course they were able to read easily. Successive books consisted of the same words plus a few new ones, which they always read easily by the end of each book. Within a few weeks, all the children were reading to some degree – some very well.

Then the head teacher had a visit from a deputation of parents who had a child in my class and an older child in another class. They wanted to know why their youngest child could read, when their older one couldn’t.

The Reading Revival Toolkits are the latest generation of those books, which are now honed to the point where any child (with or without special needs) can learn to read in a few weeks – cheerfully, enthusiastically and with a love of reading.

Anyone can use them – there is no special teaching ability needed. So if your school isn’t succeeding to teach your child to read, there is actually something you can do quickly and easily that will produce the results you need: the Reading Revival method.