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Books 10 and beyond

Now that Alice’s reading is really progressing we are now reading mainly at weekends and for 20 minutes at a time.

Alice is starting to read very confidently and is now wanting to use her hand to follow the words rather than me pointing them out.  Alice is now starting to want to read other books on her own.

Alice read really well again during book 11.  She flew through the last six pages of this book. Her reading was brilliant.  She read all of the words almost without hesitation and very easily.  Alice is starting to notice more and more the beginning and ending of sentences.

She was very tired at our next reading session but tried hard and worked through three pages well.  She is recognising words much quicker now and this is making her reading faster and smoother.  Even when she wasn’t in the mood or keen to do her reading she now makes good progress which proved again that it is all clicking into place.  She shows great confidence now when reading.

Alice was very excited to see that she had nearly finished the end of the book and the set.  She was falling over the words a bit in her excitement.  She was thrilled to finish and so pleased with herself.  It’s such an achievement for her. I can’t explain how pleased I was with Alice’s reading.  It is fantastic now and it is amazing that she has got to this level in such a short amount of time.  The teachers are amazed by her progress and it has changed her attitude/ability in so many things: reading, writing, general confidence and much more.


I had parents evening for Alice the other night.  The teacher asked me if I had any concerns and I produced book 11 and said that I couldn’t understand why she was bringing home such basic books when she was reading this at home.  She looked at me as if I was mad and questioned whether Alice could read this on her own.  I said yes and she seemed doubtful.  She asked to keep the book and said could she read this with Alice tomorrow lunchtime, so I agreed.  The next day Alice went into school and read it to the teacher at lunchtime.  The teacher couldn’t believe her reading and read another book with her as well which she excelled in.  I think basically that Alice had been put in the bottom group to start and since doing the Reading Revival reading scheme no-one had noticed the improvement until I brought it to her attention.  The teacher put her up two reading groups.  Today she was in a new reading group and was star of the day in the class because she did so well.  I think she was desperate for some recognition and because the children in that group are at a higher level it will push her to do better.

Anyway, we are thrilled.  I read a school book with Alice tonight and she is now picking up everything.  She is like a different child and its all down to Reading Revival’s help.  Honestly, I can’t praise the scheme enough and would recommend it to anyone.