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Children with special educational needs


“After six weeks with Reading Revival, the boys are no longer in the bottom group of their year 2 class and they are even keen readers – well, desperate to read, actually!’ – Teacher, Devon

Our experience shows that anyone who can match shapes and speak fairly well can make real and astonishing progress using this method. We don’t believe that any child has to leave school unable to read and we are doing something about it that actually gets results – fast. If you think that phonics doesn’t work as a method for your child to learn to read, give our toolkits a try. We think you’ll be surprised and relieved to see your child’s progress.

From time to time, we see headlines in the newspapers about children ‘falling through the literacy net’ and ‘one in five children leaving school unable to read’.

There are many reasons why a child may be unable to read, and we do understand that a child may have educational needs that are very complex. But progress can be made. We have seen that the reading method used by Reading Revival can help children who have not been able to learn to read with anything else. They may take longer and reach a more basic level of ability but we still see extremely encouraging results that help children read for themselves. Parents who have tried everything else to no avail have taught their child to read with the Reading Revival toolkits, and parent and child has enjoyed the process too.

If you want to try the scheme, be assured that if you are not completely satisfied, you can return the toolkit for a full refund. We want your child to read as much as you do.

“My severely dyslexic son was having such difficulties with reading that he was about to be statemented, and we were so worried. However, he started to learn to read using the Reading Revival toolkit and came home halfway through the scheme with book six. I was absolutely astonished when he read three pages straight off. My husband and I are amazed at the difference and it has made all the difference to his academic progress.” – Mother of John, Devon

Buy the parent kit for £60.00 including VAT and delivery