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How to create a space that’s right for reading


If you want to help your child to read and enjoy reading, the important thing to know is that in an ideal world, all that is needed so that mum can listen to her child read, is a cosy lap and a few quiet moments!

But for the perfectionists among us, here are some easy ways that you might like to try.

  1. Choose a quiet corner of the sitting room where you and your child can sit comfortably together on your own. If there are other children in the home, then try to see that they are occupied just for the few minutes that you need to spend with your ‘reader.’ If they all need ‘reading’ time – then set aside a ten minute slot for each in turn. Each child needs to understand that reading is so important that they should have your exclusive attention for a short time.
  2. If space is available, set up a ‘reading corner’ or ‘library corner’ somewhere in the house where your child can have their favourite books readily available.  That you are ready to set this up for him/her would show the child that you consider books and reading important.
  3. If none of the above is possible, then simply make a space on the kitchen table and just be there to hear your child read as you cook the meal. At first, your child will need your help and direction – even if it is just to confirm that he is getting it right. But when he can read more fluently, you will discover that you may not have to sit beside him all the time to hear him read. You may be able to continue working so long as you are listening carefully (and the child knows you are listening). If you have heard him read often, you will recognise when he gets a word wrong or guesses wrongly and can step in to help him. But remember that your attention to him is extremely important to his progress and sense of self-worth.

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