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Here are some comments from those who have already used the toolkits. Read for yourself how the toolkits are changing children’s lives.

Parents say …

“My daughter was failing to learn to read. I asked Helena to spend 15 minutes or so with her for two or three times a week, and after about five weeks she’s fine – no more reading problems now!”

Mother of Rosie (7), Kent

“If you ever needed praise for your programme then my son’s words tonight are “Mummy, reading is wonderful, I want to read all the books in the world!” We are part way through the programme and my son has responded amazingly well to it, 10 mins a day and no more. We were all at our wits end with phonics, but now our son is starting to read and loving it. Please please please start pushing this into schools more, such  great method for kids who just don’t get phonics.”

A happy mother, Hertfordshire.

“My daughter was unable to read at the age of seven. She learned to read in two weeks with Reading Revival. Then the reading books were given to our illiterate home help, who went on to teach herself to read and speak English with them.”

Father of Chloe (7), Gibraltar

Michael kept forgetting the words – I thought he’d never learn them, then the next day he read the whole of Book 1 straight off!’

Mother of Michael (7), Plymouth

“My son started Reading Revival after one year and one term in school. At that point he could read just a few of the flashcard words, but after 10 weeks (which included Christmas when reading was put on hold for two weeks at least) he had read all 12 books. The last book he read aloud confidently to me without me helping him with the new, unfamiliar words in that book. Reading Revival has given him a lot more confidence to read and now he’s reading fluently.”

Mother of Elliott (6), Plymouth

 “We are really pleased with the scheme and I am very pleasantly surprised to see that he has picked it up so quickly!”

Mother of Joshua (4), Blandford

“Abby was unable to read and by the age of seven she was demoralised. After two weeks of 10 or so minutes daily with the Reading Revival method, she ‘cracked the reading code’ and became fluent shortly afterwards.   Now, 11 years on she has been accepted to the university she wanted. Thank you for teaching her to read!”

Mother of Abby (18), Whitstable

“I was initially sceptical about teaching my child to read at home, but I am astonished by the progress she has made in such a short time.”

Mother of Jessica (4), London

“My son was having such difficulties with reading that he was about to be statemented, and we were so worried. However, he started to learn to read using the Reading Revival toolkit and came home halfway through the scheme with book six. I was absolutely astonished when he read three pages straight off. My husband and I are amazed at the difference and he has now been taken off the list for special help because he is fluently reading. It has made all the difference to his academic progress.”

Mother of John (6), Devon

“My niece is currently learning to read using Reading Revival. She is really enjoying it and making great progress, so thanks so much for a great product and approach.”

Aunt of Melissa (6), Edinburgh

“I used the Reading Revival program for my eldest daughter when I found she was struggling to learn to read in Reception year of school. Very pleased to tell you that she her reading really took off, she has just read her 100th book to complete Book Track at our local library and is top of her class (year 3) for reading & comprehension. Have also just started my 3 year old on it!”

Mother of Ellie (5), Devon

“I bought a toolkit for my granddaughter because she was well behind the other children in her class in reading ability. She enjoyed using the toolkit and is now three years ahead of her reading age.

Grandmother of Lucy (7), Tavistock

“I was shocked when I was called in to school to be told that my daughter was bottom of her class and she required special help to read. She used to hate books but after using both the Reading Revival toolkits she’s not only turned into a bookworm with a love of reading but she re-reads the toolkit reading books for pleasure too. It’s changed her life – she’s not only performing better at other school subjects but she’s more confident now too.”

Mother of Alice (6), Surrey


Teachers say…

“After six weeks with Reading Revival, the boys are no longer in the bottom group of their year 2 class and they are even keen readers – well, desperate to read, actually!’

Teacher, Devon

“I used Reading Revival with one class. All the children learned to read (at varying levels) in one term. The parents of some of these children came as a deputation to the head teacher to ask why their older children could not read when the younger ones had learned so fast!”

A supply teacher of a Reception class in Kent

“After trying everything to no avail with two boys in particular, after one term with Reading Revival, one boy was reading confidently and the other was picking up book after book and reading each one easily. He’s marvellous – he’s reading really well now. It’s lovely to see him and that’s due to what you’ve done.”

Head Teacher, Devon

“We trialled the Reading Revival toolkits at our secondary school with 12 -15 year olds who couldn’t read and we were stunned with the results in just a term. We have been so impressed that we have bought several toolkits for our teaching assistants to use with all children who need extra help.

Head of English, Tavistock

Children say …

(On reaching the end of allotted daily reading time) “Can I just see what happens next?”

Juliette (5) Dorset

“Is it time to read yet?”

Josh (7) London

(With an expression of amazement at the end of book 1) “I’m reading!”

Malcolm (5) Essex

“Do I have to stop now? I want to read to the end of the book!”

Martha (5) Lancashire