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Shape and word cards

I was amazed how excited Alice was by this.  She absolutely loved the shape matching and because she could do this so easily it spurred her on to continue.  I found her concentration levels much greater than usual.  Her enthusiasm was infectious and I found it very exciting.   She picked up the first few words immediately, which made me very pleased, relieved and excited. I am glad that Alice is keen but can see that she just wants to get on and read the first book.

As she progressed with the word cards she got a bit frustrated with the difficult words like “look”, “like” and “here”. I hid the words around the house and she had to keep finding them.  This seemed to really help and when we came to read all of the key words she knew them.  It is great to see Alice getting so excited.  She takes such pride in the carry case and the whole process seems to be encouraging her with her writing as well.

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