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Built on traditional methods – brought up to date
Reading Revival is based on traditional teaching methods of the 1960s and 1970s,  stripped back to create a truly simple and effective learn-to-read technique, which can be used by parents and teachers alike. Phonics doesn’t work for every child, so we devised an alternative way to learn to read that really works.


Founder Helena Rogers  is a qualified teacher and former head teacher, who recognized the need for a simple and universally accessible learn-to-read system. Having experienced many reading schemes in her 25 years of teaching, she honed the Reading Revival method and has now adapted it to suit home teaching through our handy kit.

“Learning to read used to be a natural and simple process. Now, with the advent of phonics-based teaching and new educational approaches, it can sometimes seem rather bewildering to parents and children. I feel passionately that in the family is where reading starts, and I wanted to create a system that empowers, rather than confuses, parents.  So, Reading Revival is grounded in encouragement, gradual and non-pressurised learning and the simplest of techniques. What’s more, it results in an enthusiasm for reading that is a joy to behold. I hope that your child will benefit, just as many others have, and that Reading Revival unlocks a lifelong love of reading.”


Co-founder Emma Plackett is a learning and development professional with a background of experience in national and internationally recognised companies. She takes an active interest in literacy and learning policy. Emma has provided recommendations to the All Parliamentary Group for education report into Overcoming Barriers to Literacy and actively engages with schools and parents on the subject.

“We believe that anyone who understands speech and can match shapes can soon learn to read, regardless of whether they have a special educational need. In fact, we have a proven track record of helping those where everything else failed.  Helping people achieve their potential is an enormous privilege and it starts with reading ability. Helena and I have taught many children to read with this reading toolkit and we now want to share this method with a wider audience. It is a delight to use and I am certain you will enjoy using it too. It’s a unique product.”


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