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Books 4-6

At the beginning of book 4, concentration was lacking and Alice seemed to be struggling with almost all the words.  When her concentration is low I found it a little frustrating and I felt like the new words were running away with us a bit at the moment.

The next day she read the page fairly easily and almost all of the words. It was great to see Alice reading so easily tonight after it being a struggle.  I didn’t push Alice to do any more than one page as it was late in the day.

A few days followed where she lost interest a little as there are so many words she didn’t know. At the end of book 4 Alice didn’t know five new words from the book so we spent some time playing games with the words she didn’t know.  It took some time for Alice to get into it but by the end she had learnt all five words and was able to recognise them.  Mummy gave Alice a good star and she was very excited.  She liked the thought that she could now go onto book 5.

Book 5 Alice picked up all four new words on the first two pages as she could relate to them easily eg. A friend called Tom. I do feel a bit concerned when Alice forgets how to read certain words such as “here” when she knew these previously, but when we turns the page and she can read them again I feel reassured.  Alice did really well on the second page.

Alice tried really hard the next day and I was pleased that she had learnt the new words from the beginning of the book. She is forgetting some of the words sometimes but then on other occasions she knows them.

By the middle of book 5  Alice picked up the words fun and run immediately.  She read so well today, it’s like something has just “clicked”!  What a break through all of a sudden.  I was delighted with how easily Alice read page 8 and praised her for this.  She was reading words easily that she had struggled with previously.   I realised that we had done too much as Alice got very tired towards the end.

I was called in by both of Alice’s teachers at school today to say how rapidly her learning was improving and that they were amazed by the improvement.  (I hadn’t told them about this reading scheme).   I think that this process has not just helped to learn to read and pick up the specific words but also to get her into a structured learning mentality which seems to be carrying on at school.

End of book 5. While we were cooking we put the five words on the side that she kept forgetting and she learnt them well.  There are some letters such as “n” and “v” which I notice Alice still struggles with a little bit.  She is wanting to sound everything out at the moment even if the words can’t be broken down.

Alice was pleased to be starting book 6.  She started really well and after reading the new words a few times she read the first paragraph really well.  She still has to think about some of the old words.

A hard couple of days followed, with Alice’s reading as her mind just hasn’t been on it.  I felt like she really couldn’t be bothered. Alice just wasn’t in the mood and it was not a good idea to push it.  I was satisfied that she knew most of the words on the page. We’ve just read a page a day when her heart isn’t in it.

Book 6. Alice flew through three pages of reading today and I know it’s because she hasn’t had a hard day at school.  I stopped the reading half way through page 8 but Alice was keen to carry on and started reading the rest on her own.  We then finished the rest together. I was so pleased with Alice today.  We made ourselves comfortable on the bed and cuddled up and this seemed to make a difference.  Alice read so well with very little help it really took my breath away.  Alice is keen to read the book right through.

Alice seems to have picked up the words in this book very easily compared to other books. I am really pleased with Alice’s enthusiasm for her reading.  It certainly helps when you do this at the weekend.  Alice suddenly seems to be able to read the words that she had been struggling with previously.  She seems to be paying more attention to the story as well.

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